Meaningful business

An economy that does not work for the people leads to the destruction of the earth and to the pain and suffering of its people.

As a result, my idea was and is to make people the benchmark for our actions in everything that we do within and alongside Alnatura. This goal can be expressed as "Alnatura – meaningful for people and the earth". I want to use Alnatura to bring more meaning into the world and help nature flourish with the help of people, through bio-agriculture. We want to help make a free society possible. Holistic thinking, which is our core focus, aims to ensure that our economic activities are fair to the earth and respectful to people. I am convinced that business always needs meaning that lies beyond economic parameters. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions well beyond this company.

Alnatura products for the senses

All Alnatura products are regularly inspected for quality. An independent panel of experts checks new Alnatura products for their "meaningfulness", for environmental compatibility and quality. Only once the products have passed this test are they included in the range.

Alnatura - a culture initiative

At Alnatura, I and we believe that it is about more than just bio-food and Alnatura markets. We want to promote fair activities through holistic thinking. We want to demonstrate that a company as a culture initiative can show that a different way of business is possible. Alnatura is a bio-company that has a diverse range of cooperative relationships. Traditionally rooted in bio-farming, there is a large network of partner companies in production and trade, all of which are operating for you, our customers, as value-adding partners. We are also committed to promoting new ideas in business and society as well as in art and research. We don't want to manipulate our customers with advertising messages. We want to show you what we do through information and transparency.

Aesthetic company structure

The Alnatura working team has grown to over 1,200 individuals. Over 100 trainees are attending the "Alnatura school of experience". They learn based on their own experiences – in the workplace, in trial projects or by independently managing an Alnatura 'Super Natur' market for a week. All the Alnatura education initiatives aim to promote and enable autonomous actions. Our ideal is to actively come together and live a company culture that is based on freedom to form a working team of interested people who have a passion for the customer. Transformation and development are our guiding principles. Our constant aim is to create more original goods and services through our actions. We consider this to involve the 'refinement' of the working conditions and products by people.

Alnatura - for a meaningful future

Together with you, our customers, we are vigorously striving to continuously improve the Alnatura products, open additional Alnatura 'Super Natur' markets and consistently adapt all our services and processes to the relevant situation. This is based on the broadening of our Alnatura company culture and a focus on the aesthetics of our activities. To do so, we rely on our close partnership with our customers and producers. I look back at everything that has been achieved with great appreciation and gratitude. It is all due to the actions of everyone who has become involved with, for and through Alnatura. Thank you for your interest and commitment. Thank you for your trust and loyalty. Thank you for your advice and support.

Author: Prof. Dr Götz E. Rehn
Founder and Managing Director of Alnatura