On the La Selva estate, Karl Egger has operated an organic farm since 1980. His estate produces original Italian specialities from its own crops.


The La Selva estate boasts some 428 hectares of land and since 1980 has been farmed organically, producing organic grade Tuscan specialities. On its fields, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onions and other vegetables flourish, as well as grain and fruit. The estate even has its own connected vineyards and forest land. Likewise, Chianina cattle and Apennine sheep are housed on the extensive grounds. The feed corn for the animals comes from the farm's own fields. Located only three kilometres from the sea, two guest houses also draw guests to La Selva for getaways.



The Maremma is a former swamp region that has been transformed since the 18th century into a fertile farming landscape through extensive reclamation and drainage programmes. Today, fruits, vegetables and wine, in particular, are grown and bottled in the region. With its old villages and farms, the Maremma has maintained its original appearance and offers its visitors an authentic, relaxing atmosphere.



Organic farming on La Selva brings together extensive husbandry and sustainable measures. The goal is the restoration and long-term conservation of the local ecosystem. Thousands of trees have been planted over the years and have created many small habitats in which native plants and animals have settled.



Year-round, attentive care of the vegetable fields is a prerequisite for high-quality organic products from La Selva. During the harvest months from July to September, the operation runs at high speed. The entire production process is subject to strict quality controls. The ingredients are processed into authentic Italian specialities.

The tomatoes are processed freshly harvested, within a very short time. This is possible because the foods are processed on the farm or by its own business Donoratico. Once there, the tomatoes are first cleaned. The resulting waste water is treated in an ecologically compatible process. Careful processing of sun-ripened tomatoes is a top priority in the preparation of soups, sauces, etc.



Most of the Origin products come from the organic La Selva estate in the Tuscan Maremma. For the rich fresh tomato sauce, ripe tomatoes are picked by hand, processed freshly harvested and thus heated only briefly. Thus, the typical flavour of fresh tomatoes is maintained. The tomatoes for the Alnatura Origin specialities are harvested in August, when they are fully ripe and aromatic, and they are processed and bottled using a recipe specially developed for the Origin line of products.