Alnatura is a working partnership of nearly 2,000 employees, who are committed every day to ensuring that more food from organic growers finds its way from organic farms to customers. We aim to provide, through our products and Alnatura markets, more sensible choices for people and the planet.

Alnatura Grundsätze

We focus on people, as customers and employees. Our actions are guided by principles of a holistic approach, customer focus and personal responsibility.

On the basis of a holistic personal and world view, we develop our business as a working partnership. We provide organic food and natural products (cosmetics, textiles).

Focus on the customer
is a guiding principle, both externally and internally at Alnatura. It determines the attention given to customers and the collaboration of employees.

We aim to promote the development of all employees to act independently and give them the opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

Together with our partners in production, processing and sales, we strive to work together with trust and for the long term. The products and services developed through cooperation are consistently focused on the needs of customers.

As a working group, we aim to create through sustainable value the economic conditions for our continued success in the future.