Peru Café

With 40 cents donated for every pack of Peru Café bought, you can support the Ceprosi education project of Terre des hommes in Peru.


The Alnatura project Peru Café is a blend of fine organic Arabica beans grown in the different coffee regions of Peru. The small-scale farmers cultivate their crops organically and preferably in mixed cultures – and thus protect nature and secure the economic livelihood of coffee growers. With 40 cents for every pack of Peru Café purchased, you support the Ceprosi education project of Terre des hommes in Peru.


Ceprosi Kinder trommeln

The aim of the Ceprosi project is to preserve and protect traditional knowledge, in order to preserve the natural resources of small-scale farmers and counteract the effects of climate change. The children learn, in addition to the usual subject matter, about their Quechua culture: for example, with specially produced textbooks that teach both indigenous knowledge and traditions in Spanish and mathematics in the Quechua language. School life and family life are thus interwoven so that the agricultural conditions of small family farms are actively integrated into the school.

Strengthening traditions

Ceprosi Musik

Another approach is that the knowledge of agriculture, various crafts and rituals is taught not only by teachers but also by elders in the community. The children wear their traditional clothes again with pride. In the village they speak their native language, which improves the relationship between young and old.

terre des hommes

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The children's aid organization terre des hommes (literally, "land of people") and Alnatura provide joint support for the Ceprosi project to preserve and protect traditional knowledge for the continued survival of the Quechua culture. Working together, the project seeks to improve the future prospects of children and young people in Quechua culture on a lasting basis. The principle of the aid: to promote local initiatives. Funding for the project comes from the sale of Alnatura organic coffee in the new product line "Alnatura projects": For each coffee pack sold, 40 cents goes to the Ceprosi project.